Our Product


At Mercedes Cove we begin preparing for the harvest of our wild Gubinge/Kakadu Plum in November ready for distribution and sale in Jan/Feb. We have easy access to 200 wild Gubinge / Kakadu Plum trees in and around the community. We have installed reticulation for over 50 of our wild Gubinge / Kakadu Plum trees and will continue to reticulate wild Gubinge / Kakadu Plum trees going forward.

The reason for reticulating the wild Gubinge / Kakadu Plum trees is threefold:

  • with unseasonal watering, the trees will produce fruit at least twice a year,
  • each year the size of the fruit increases,
  • the quality is superior due to increased and regular watering, and
  • we can rely on steady, regular harvests and quantities.

Our unique netting technology is gentle on the trees, ensures even and standardised fruit quality.

Technology is the heart of quality production and we deploy technology in a range of activities.


  • Reticulation technology: the reason for using reticulation is to cover the poor seasonal rainfall that happens in the Kimberley. With this process we are able to guarantee good, well-watered crops each year We are building our own systems so they are maintained by ourselves, allowing the learning of skills in our community.
  • Netting technology: we devised a netting system that allows us to collect ripe fruit, just when the tree is ready to let the fruit go. This natural method of harvesting is gentle on the tree as there is no need for climbing, tugging, or pulling.


  • All our fruit come from one location, Mercedes Cove in Pender Bay on the Dampier Peninsula.
    • We use DNA fingerprinting technology to prove the authenticity of our product
    • We have integrated blockchain tracking so our supply chain can always be traced back to us.

Our Product

At present, Mercedes Cove Wild Gubinge produces bulk Gubinge / Kakadu Plum powder. Available quantities start from 10 kilograms. Our plans include launching our own retail brand and smaller size packaging.

Our Values

We set great score by producing the best quality possible while adhering to our values and respecting and practicing our culture and working cooperatively with fellow business through NAAKPA.

Our business is values-driven and thus focussed on our community, providing sustainable income to our community members. We live and work in the Mercedes Cove community and we are aiming to help the financial wellbeing of all community members by working together as an ethical business.

Partner with us

We are looking towards the future and hope to build relationships with prospective buyers/purchasers for long-term commitments and possible contracts. This will ensure economic development in our remote region and will create employment for family members and communities on country.